Thursday, April 12, 2012

Achari Chicken (Pickled Chicken Curry)

Achari chicken is also a very yummy south asian curry.. made with all kinds of meats and very different variations... this time i made it with chicken... this recipe have the method of achari (pickle) masala... which you can keep it with you and can use it with any kind of meat or with any variation... so the ingredients are:

Chicken 1 lb
garlic paste 1 tbsp
ginger paste 1 tbsp
achari (pickle) masla 1 dish spoon heaped + 2tbsp for chilies
tomato puree of 3 medium size
yogurt 1 cup
green chilies 6-10
lemon juice 2 tbsp
oil 1/4 - 1/2 cup

Achari Masala:

citric acid (tatri) 1 tsp
all spice pd (garam masala ) 2 tsp
fenugreek seeds (methi dana) 1 tsp
Turmeric (haldi) 1 tbsp
cumin seeed (safeed zeera) 2 tbsp
split mustard seeds (rai/achari rai) 2 tbsp
salt 2 tbsp leveled
Nigella sativa (kalonji) 2 tbsp
whole coriander (sabut dhaniya) 3 tbsp
fennel seeds (sauf )4 tbsp
crushed chili pd 5 tbsp
fenugrrek leaves (qasoori methi) 3 tbsp

grind coarsley everything together ... and keep this in air tight sterilized jar... and you are done with achari masla

To start the curry heat oil... add garlic paste and cook till light brown

Add chicken and mix... till chicken changes it color

Add ginger paste, yogurt, tomato puree, and achari masala and mix.

Cover and cook.. (Don't add water for chicken) cook till chicken get tender and you get your required consistency...
Separately make a paste with 2 tbsp of achari masala and with lemon juice and slit the chilies from the middle take out their seeds and insert this masla in chillies...

When done... add the masala chilies and leave it for 5 minutes covered, simmered. and Done :)

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