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Crispy Aloo Samosa | Baked Version πŸ‘©‍🍳 with Bonus recipe 😍 for Ramadan by morEwish πŸ•Œ

Updated on May 14th' 2018

Who can resist flaky samosa pastry, stuffed with a spicy, mouthwatering aloo (potato) filling that's deep fried till golden? These samosas were highly requested recipe so far!

You can baked these samosas as well, they turned out delicious but of course tastes a little different from the fried ones, that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy the flavor. If you’re eating healthy and looking after your weight, you have to understand that potatoes are not your enemy.

Samosa is traditionally made with all purpose flour or maida. But you can substitute maida for whole wheat flour or atta. All purpose flour provides flakier results, and whole wheat flour samosas will result in a denser samosa pastry, but they still be very tasty!

You can absolutely air fry your samosas. They will need to be brushed with a light coating of oil before being air-fried but the result is pretty yummy. They may not have the perfect, even golden brown crust but the pastry is cooked through and its quite crispy too, just like a good samosa should be.

If you have a leftover dough, you can turn that into delicious and crispy Namak Paaray!!! 😍
Or leftover filling is perfect for breakfast next day with parathas or turn them into a potato paratha as well.

Every time it rains, I crave for samosa  accompanied by a tea but even if its not not raining you don’t need an excuse to enjoy yummy aloo samosa. Just make a big batch and save them in freezer for iftar.  Have them with ketchup, Mint or Tamarind chutney, I  use them for Samoosa chaat as well

Video Tutorial:

For pastry:

All purpose flour 2 cups
Cumin seeds 1 tbsp
Carom seeds (ajwain) 1/4 tsp, optional 
Ghee (clarified butter)/oil  4 tbsp
Water - for kneading
For filling:

Potatoes 1 lb
Turmeric powder 3/4 tsp
Red chili flakes 1 1/4 tbsp
Coriander crushed 1 1/4 tbsp
Cumin crushed 1 1/4 tbsp 

Green chilies chopped 2 tbsp
Cilantro chopped 2 tbsp
Oil 1 tsp
Oil for frying 

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