Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chicken Swirls

puff pastry 1 sheet
chicken filling 1/4 cup
egg 1 + 2 tbsp water - (egg wash)

For chicken filling I used florets chicken pies leftover mixture... for filing recipe: 

dust any flat surface with flour roll the puff pastry ... brush it with egg wash... then spread the chicken mixture over that sheet

roll the pastry like swiss roll

cut around 1/2 inch pieces

put them on baking tray lined with butter paper ... brush top with egg wash

bake them for 15- 20 minutes until you get good color on 350 F/180 C


  1. Hi.
    I tried this recipe but the swirl was cooked (in fact a bit over cooked) from the outside but uncooked from the inside. and the shape didnt come out right...
    can u please explain why..

    1. hey!

      Really! I am shocked becoz when you bake puff pastry... it automatically cook all over.. it has lot of shortening in it...

      what kind of puff pastry u used???

  2. hi I just wanted to ask u that can i freeze them?? if yes plz let me know how sould i freeze them??? pleaseeeee :)

    1. no dear u cannot freeze it like ready to eat kind... you can freeze only puff pastry and when you want to bake it... thaw it put the chicken mixture and bake it :)

  3. Assalam Alykum, can u plz give me receipe of puff pastry coz we dnt get it here. thanks


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