Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chutney Raita

yogurt 1 cup
green chutney 1 tsp
water/milk - to make raita yummy 

add yogurt in mixing bowl... add green chutney.... mix well add some water or milk to make it bit thin 

pour in serving bowl... and serve it with any kababs and enjoy :)

for chutney:

coriander leaves 1 bunch (1 cup)
mint leaves 12 - 18
minced garlic 1 tsp (or garlic cloves 5-6)
salt 1 tsp
green chilies 4 -5
cumin roasted and crushed 1 tsp
lemon juice/vinegar 4 -5 tbsp

add all ingredients in blender jug...

blend all with water for 4-5 minutes...

pour in clean sterilized airtight bottle and keep in fridge for future use


  1. Hi there, stumbled upon your website and I must say you have some darned good recipes:) the only problem is that the pics are taking too long in showing up on the iPhone, maybe( my suggestion) if you could just reduce the number of pics. Also can you have a recipe index, separating the meats, poultry, desserts breads.

    1. suggestion was good! done little indexing for you... :)


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