Friday, May 4, 2012

Cake Alaska

yummy... cold n sweet desert... my all time favorite... all you need:

for cake:

butter 8 0z (200 gm)
sugar 8 0z (1 cup)
all purpose flour 6 oz
eggs 2
baking pd 2 tsp
cocoa pd 2 oz (4 tbsp)
vanilla essence 1 tsp
dark cooking chocolate 4 tbsp
milk 4 tbsp

for filling - ice cream any flavor 
chocolate melted to cover
fresh cream for garnishing

pre heat oven on 350 F/180 F... line two 8 inch baking pans with butter paper

separately sift flour, baking pd, and cocoa pd together

put the cooking chocolate on a stove  with milk... cook till chocolate melts and well combined

now, put butter in a mixing bowl (it should be at room temperature) 

add the caster sugar in butter.. mix till you get creamy texture...add vanilla essence and mix

now add, 1 beaten egg , with 1 tbsp of flour mixture... mix well

Repeat same with the other egg, with flour mixture...

now, add the remaining flour mixture and melted chocolate... mix well till combine

pour the cake mixture in prepared pans

spread the mixture evenly... and bake it for 25-30 minutes

cool completely on wire rack...

 Now, for serving... you can assemble the whole cake at at time if you are doing it for a party

or like I did, cut the slice put it on a serving plate

scoop the ice cream on a base piece...

put the other half over  it.... spread the melted chocolate

pipe whipped cream, i marbled it wit the fork ... and yummm

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