Saturday, May 26, 2012

Chicken Pot Pie recipe by morEwish

Updated on 27th December 2016

If there’s anything better than pot pie, I haven’t yet found what it is, a real staple food for fall and winter!

It’s that yummy creamy chicken gravy…with that golden, crisp crust…those tender, flavorful vegetables ----

What I love about pot pie is, you can cook the chicken right then and there…or you can use leftover chicken (or turkey) if you have it. You can whip up a pie crust just for the occasion…or you can use a crust you might have. Chicken pot pie doesn’t have to be a huge or deal!

Video Tutorial

You need:

butter 4 tbsp
onion chopped 3 -4 tbsp
salt 1 tsp
flour 3/4 tbsp
black pepper 1 tsp
mustard pd 1 tsp
milk 2 cups
chicken boiled n shredded 1lb
potato 1 big cubed
peas 1/4 cup
carrots 1/4 cup cubed
broccoli 1 head
puff pastry sheets 2 
egg 1 + 2 tbsp water/milk - egg wash

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