Saturday, May 5, 2012

kachri ka Qeema recipe by morEwish

Updated on March 26th' 17

When we open our table we build relationships, love and trust. We show our love through food, this is how we keep our heritage alive in our children. ... we share traditions through food, coming from a Delhi wala family I bet this Kachri ka Qeema can warm your family and friends, and bring them to the table.

Welcome your guests to the dining table with this amazing Kachri Keema. Kachri ka Qeema very tasty yet easy to cook and can definitely please your taste buds. Minced meat marinated and then cooked on low flame until done and then in-fumed with coal to get a BBQ flavor. Cook this traditional recipe and make mealtime more fun

Video Tutorial:


Ground Beef 2 lbs (beef Qeema)
raw papaya paste  4 -5 tbsp heaped
garlic paste 1 tbsp
ginger paste 1 tbsp
green chillies paste 1 tbsp
salt 1 1/2 tsp (to taste)
red chili pd 3 tsp (to taste)
all spice pd (garam masala) 2 -3 tbsp
cumin pd 4 tbsp
nutmeg & mace pd 1/2 + 1/2 tsp
yogurt 2 cups
fried onion crushed 1 1/2 cup
roasted chickpeas (bhunna channa) powder 4 tablespoons 
clarified butter (ghee) 1 cup

sliced onion for garnishing
lemon wedges for serving