Thursday, June 7, 2012

Funny Face Choco Vanilla layered pudding

my preschooler   had her potluck picnic today, so we decided to make this yummy treat... what we did:

pudding chocolate flavor - 1 packet
pudding vanilla flavor - 1 packet
milk 3 - 3 cups for each flavor
cookie crumb ( i used Oreo, you can use any flavor of your choice)

gummy drops, MnM's, MnM's peanuts, Roll up candy strip, or any other candy for decoration
you can use fresh fruits i used fresh strawberries... you can also add sliced bananas, oranges, pears etc etc

first crush the cookies, in a processor or with rolling pin.... i like coarsely crushed so i did it with rolling pin

i used the instant one... so in 3 cups of cold milk add chocolate pudding mix... whisk for 2 minutes

separately prepare vanilla too... in 3 cups of cold milk add vanilla flavor pudding mix and whisk for 2 minutes

now assembling: for kids i used small cups (4 oz) ... spoon 2 tbsp chocolate flavor in cups

then sprinkle crushed cookies... around 1 tbsp

then spoon 2 tbsp vanilla pudding over that mixture

if you are serving in a big bowl.... follow the same procedure... first chocolate pudding then cookie crumbs then vanilla

for the big serving bowl.... I melted 2 cubes of dark chocolate with 1 tbsp of cream... pour it in butter paper cone

and garnish your desert.....

for funny face cuppys... keep it in the fridge to settle...

just before serving...  use your creative minds and make funny faces with candies, fresh fruits and sprinkle and serve :) and here are my result for school

and for one cutie pie, whois not well, we send this as a present to her :)

picnic table:

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