Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chapati (home made flat bread)

Chapati is south Asian flat bread... served with different kind of curries...  you need:

all purpose (preferably whole wheat) 2 cups
salt 1/2 tsp
water for kneading

mix all ingredients together... and knead it with water... and make a soft dough and leave it for some time

then, make small balls and with the help of dry flour

sprinkle dry flour on flat surface....take one ball... first flat it with hand on that surface

with the help of rolling pin roll it and spread with light hand

meanwhile, heat griddle (tawa), put rolled chapati on griddle... cook from one side

turn, and cook from other side as well.... and then put directly on a high flame, which makes it blow up like a balloon...

The hot air cooks the chapati rapidly from the inside....this is called a phulka (that which has been inflated).

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