Monday, August 6, 2012

Chicken Pakora (bhajia) recipe by morEwish

Updated on June 26th'16

Are you getting bored of eating same Pakora's everyday? Try these crispy chicken pakoras today!


Crispy from outside, with onion, greens and same spicy kick which we need at iftaar time.. 

Recipe courtesy Shireen Anwer adapted and executed in my way ... they turn out super yummy. my girls call them pakora nuggets and have them with ketchup.

Video Tutorial:

chicken boneless (tiny pieces) 500 - 750 gms
salt 1 tsp
semolina (soji) 2 tbsp
gram flour (besan) 2 tbsp
green chilies chopped 1 tsp
coriander seeds crushed 1 tsp
white cumin seeds crushed ½ tsp
onion finely chopped 4 -6 tbsp
cilantro chopped ¼ cup
mint leaves chopped 1 tbsp
crushed red pepper 1 tsp
eggs 1/2 beaten
baking powder 1 tsp 

first marinate chicken a bowl mix together chicken pieces with salt, semolina, gram flour, green chilies, white cumin powder ,coriander seeds crushed, onion and crushed red pepper and mix well

and keep it aside

just before frying add beaten egg and baking powder

deep fry till golden

and enjoy :)

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