Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Candy Flowers by Ee'z

So, Spring is just sprung, and its another day with my Ee'z... Spring break is started too, we dont have much plans for outings and after today's snowfall, I am like, its okay if I dont have any outdoor plans.

Having said that, spending time together is more important, and to kick off first day of spring break we made these yummy treat..

All we used:

Mini chocolate chip cookies (you can use any other mini cookie as well)
Pastel colored MnM's or your fav candy
Melted chocolate

Watch a Video Tutorial:

Place a mini cookie flat side up, spread some melted chocolate, and arrange candies like a flower pattern... thats it :)
It was fun filled, full of laughter and yummy spring start for us (with a snowfall) ;)

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