Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Muslims spreading love this holiday! Ice Cube Candy recipe by morEwish | hostess gift idea

Happy Holidays from my family to yours! Wishing you all the warmth and happiness that this beautiful season always brings.
So, this holiday season me and my family decided to share something with our neighbors, so not only these yummy treats but little note to share the significance of Mary and Jesus (peace be upon him) in Islam.
And I got this wonderful idea form a Facebook friend Leena Ali

After a lot of thinking Ice Cube Chocolate candies were finalized to share among friends and family. Making chocolates in ice cube isn't only innovative but since these trays are shinny they make your chocolate look shiny and glossy! and which makes them more festive for holiday treat

Video Tutorial: 

You need:

1 cup chocolate chips
1 tsp vegetable shortening/coconut oil

filling ideas

Raisins, almonds, peanuts,
chocolate ganache, peanut butter, Nutella,
marshmallow, Resses  peanut butter, candy cane, and lot more

Idea behind this whole activity is to spread love and peace, being a Muslim and humans we are responsible for treating all people heartfelt respect and love of all faiths, races and nations.

I believe in today's world together we all can spread love and kindness in our own ways! 


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