Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Chicken Biryani recipe from scratch by morEwish

Delight family and friends with homemade Chicken Biryani. Biryani is capable of uniting almost every human in existence. It knows no color, race or caste, all it knows is to fulfill the dreams and hopes of millions of foodies who will always swear by the brilliance of this amazing Indian delicacy.

Within the Indian subcontinent, the spiced rice and meat dish - Biryani is not just a delicious dinner, It’s a multinational phenomenon.  It is generally made with spicy cooked meat mixture and layered with basmati rice.

Video Tutorial:

I made it last weekend and our house smelled divine, served it with Raita (yogurt dip). You can layer and cook your biryani in oven as well on 350 F for 20 - 25 minutes. You can add chopped cilantro, mint leaves, lemon rings or whatever you want to add in layers.


chicken 1 whole, cut into 12 pieces
onions 3 medium sliced
tomatoes 3 medium sliced
potatoes 3 medium cubed
yogurt 1 cup
ginger paste 2 tbsp
garlic paste 1 tbsp

garam masala:
7/8 pepper corns (sabut kali mirch)
7/8 cloves (longin)
1 ani star seed (badyan)
1 tsp black cumin (kala zeera)
1 tbsp cumin (safeed zeera)
1/2 bay leaves (taiz patta)
1 cinnamon stick (dar cheeni)
1 black cardamon (bari ailaichi)

salt 1 tsp, to taste
red chili powder 2 tbsp
coriander powder 1 tsp
turmeric 1/2 tsp
garam masala powder 1 tsp
nutmeg/mace powder 1/2 tsp (jaifal/javatri)
cardamon powder 1/2 tsp (choti ailaichi)
dry plums 8/9 (allo bukhara)


basmati rice 3 cups
salt 3 tsp
cumin 1 tsp
black cumin 1 tsp
bay leave 1

toppings (optional):
saffron mix with 2 tbsp milk
orange food color
cardamon powder 1/2 tsp
chopped cilantro
mint leaves

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