Thursday, February 9, 2017

Hospital Survival Kit for Mom to be by morEwish

Ever wonder what to take to the hospital when visiting a mom and baby? Most people take a sweet gift for the little bundle of joy. But what about the mom?! She usually gets flowers or balloons.

Pretty! But what about something a little more useful? Most moms, new and experienced, take a bag full of necessities to the hospital.This is where this gift idea comes in.

Why not take a pretty bag full of thoughtful “survival” items?

So I made this fun little kit for a friend of mine who just  delivered a baby last week. It's been a few years since I've done that, but I still remember all the things I wish I had thought to pack. Such a fun way to celebrate the birth of a first, or tenth baby. I wanted to get her something before she went to the hospital.


And here is what I came up with  Mom’s Hospital Survival Kit  👶

Cozy Socks – You deserve to be comfy and hospitals are always cold for some reason.

Water Tumbler
– When you start nursing you need to stay hydrated and infused water that’s what you need.

Candy Dish – Just little something for all your many hospital guests coming to admire your new baby

And mom deserves a little something for all she just went through too!

Tea bags – Relax – you need it badly

Moisturizer – to keep your hand moisturized and soft to hold your soft new born

Makeup bag – carry your basic makeup stuff, after all you went through its time to shine a little

Tissues – to wipe away tears … yours and hers.

Advil – for when all else fails … take two

  Video Tutorial:

So we all through a baby shower party for her, all pink decorations around, we did potluck and she was our chief guest :)

The perfect gift for the soon to be new mother. I love the idea of gifting the mother things for herself. And the best thing is you can make it as big as you want. You could do a couple of things or several. It really is so versatile (and easy!)

These are some of her baby shower party decoration pictures! we really had fun doing it... (You can see it on our faces 😉 )

Do you know an expecting momma who would love a hospital survival kit? Is there something special you would include? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Mom Survival Kit Printable - I made

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