Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chcolate cake with Ganache

Chocolate Cake is favorite among all ages... Every other person get excited when they hear about chocolate cake... so this time... I used cake mix...  just from one packet I make few different variants... in this post its about simple chocolate cake with my own ganache... other variant is Chocolate strawberry cake

so we need:
betty crocker super moist triple chocolate fudge 1 packet
oil 1/4 cup oil
water 1 1/4 cups
3 eggs

For ganache:

1 cup semi sweet morsels 
4-5 tbsp heavy whipping cream

First grease pans... spray oil cover the whole pan then sprinkle flour all over... then dap that pan all excess flour will go out

pre heat oven at 325 F

Take the cake mix out in a mixing bowl

Add the oil in that mixture mix well

Then add eggs and mix properly

Add required water... be careful at the end... you may hold some of it

Pour the mixture in greased pan and bake it for 20-30 minutes

to check out the cake insert wooden skewer or toothpick to check out the cake...when it come out completely clean means your cake is done...

take out it for 5 minutes... take out from the pan and put it on wire rack and cool completely

then make ganache:

heat chocolate with cream

mix till it melt and combine completely ... let it cool down

pour over the completely cooled cake..let it drop down

for decoration... I put the cookie cutter in middle of it then sprinkle the cocoa powder from the strainer

take the cutter out and you will see the heart pressed over it

and there you go with lovely hearty cake... for the other one i put the colored stars over it

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