Monday, April 2, 2012

Double Chocolate Pudding

Its quick and easy desert... i would call it an instant desert because if sometime you have surprise guest and you don't know what to do now... or if you spend the whole day in cleaning up your house or cooking the main coarse and forgot the desert.. so herez the best option you guys would have... 

1 packet instant pudding mix chocolate flavor
3 cups cold milk
1 packet chocolate flavor cookies (i used OREO)
whipped cream for decor... 

thats it... yess... so less ingredients and so much yummy desert

Make pudding according to the package instructions... i.e. take cold milk in a mixing bowl add the pudding mix and beat it with whisk for 2 minutes... and you will get the consistency in 2 more minutes

Pour the 1/3 of pudding mixture in a serving bowl... then layer it with the roughly crushed cookies ( i just crushed them with the hand) 

then again pour the half of the left over mixture over the cookie layer...

Again, layer the mixture with cookies

then, spread the whole leftover mixture over it... spread it with spatula and clean the sides..

pipe the whipped cream over the desert and be creative..

Serve chilled and enjoy :)

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