Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dum Pukht Pulao

kind of pilaf... i saw this recipe on a cooking show a recipe by Shireen Anwer... for this you need:

chicken 1 1/2 lbs
ginger paste 1 + 1 tsp
garlic paste 1 + 1 tsp
all spice pd 1 + 1 tsp
button whole red chilies 8 - 10
onion 1 medium (cut in 4 pieces)
salt 3 tsp
cumin seeds 1 tsp
rice 3 cups
oil 3 - 4 tbsp

in a pot add chicken, red chilies, salt 1 tsp, onion, all spice pd,  ginger and garlic paste and add 2 cups of water... simmer and cover and cook for 15 minutes till chicken get tender

strain stock and take chicken pieces out of that,,, keep that stock aside

separately heat oil, add 3 - 4 tbsp onion sliced... fry till golden brown

add cumin seeds and ginger and garlic paste

add chicken pieces and cook that for 4 -5 minutes

add the drained stock and add 1 1/2 cup of water (adjust accordingly) and bring it to boil

add pre-soaked rice in stock, add salt and all spice pd... cover and cook

when water reduce and bubbles comes up... simmer and cover and cook till rice get tender for almost 15 minutes

Mix well, dish out and serve

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