Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fish Shashlik

A new variant to make fish... full source of Omega 3... saw this recipe on a cooking channel a recipe by Shireen Anwer...a must try... 

Boneless fish ½ kg (1 Lb) cubed
Onion 1 (diced)
Tomato 1 (diced)
Capsicum 1 (diced)

Ginger paste 1 tsp
Garlic paste 1 tsp
Chili powder 1 tsp
Cumin powder 1 tsp
Salt 1 ½ tsp
Yogurt 2 tbsp
Vinegar 1 tbsp
Corn flour 1 tbsp
Cream 2 tbsp
Orange color Pinch 
Oil  2 - 4 tbsp

Chat Masala ½ tsp
Coriander leaves few
First dip skewers in water about half an hour before to avoid burning

Marinate fish with all the ingredients and leave it for 10 - 15 minutes

Cut all the veggies in cubes

Now arrange them in skewers

complete all of them

Now, heat the grill pan..spray oil put the skewers on... and cook til fish get color (you can use normal frying pan as well)

Sprinkle chaat masala and serve with rice

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