Monday, April 23, 2012

Habshi Halwa

My favorite desi sweet... i love to have in winters and i really miss here.. I saw few recipes and tried few times but i would say... recipe I am sharing rite now would have a very closer results as you get in stores... so we need

whole milk 2 litres
flour 8 tbsp
summac 4 tbsp (its kind of wheat without husk... i tried a lot but couldn't find anything like as an alternate I add wheat flour)
sugar 1 cup
citric acid (tatri) 1 tsp 
nutmeg pd 1/4 tsp
brown color 1/4 - 1/2 tsp
corn syrup 2 tbsp (glucose was a part of recipe)
almonds and pistachio chopped  for garnishing

to start the recipe take 1 cup of milk out of the 2 litres... add summac and flour in it... mix well and add in remaining milk and cook till first boil... switch off the flame

then add citric acid mixed with 1/4 cup water and mix well.. you can see milk split... then leave that mixture for 4 -6 hrs

then put that split mixture on flame again... start cooking it again ... cook till water start reducing...

add sugar and cook more

Then add, nutmeg powder, and brown color... and add corn syrup cook till that gets melts and mixed properly... spread that mixture in greased pan

now, if you couldn't find brown color... make it by mixing red + blue + yellow

sprinkle chopped nuts... after few minutes mark the cuts and then let it get cool and yummm :)

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