Friday, May 11, 2012

Cake for Twins

A very good friend's little ones just turned one... so though to make this one for them...

first i bake choco vanilla marble cake ...

baked cake 
vanilla frosting 2 cans
red color 3 - 4 drops
blue color 3- 4 drops (or any other color you wish to use for your cake)
sprinkles of ur choice 

I baked the cake 1 in round 8 inch pan and 2 little star pans 

cut the domed part of the cakes

turn the cake up side down for flat surface... take a big dollop of icing and spread over the round cake

on other side make red and blue icings ... and cover one star with blue and an other with pink (i did that because one is a girl and other one is a boy)

cover the whole round cake with white icing ... then very carefully place the stars over it.. decorate it with colored sprinkles and serve :)

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