Saturday, July 7, 2012

Strawberry Cream Cake

This Yummy Strawberry Cream Cake was for my Sweetest, Cutest, Choto brother... Hassaan Anwer aka Hasso

But again a virtual celebration.. but we had fun... and I wish him all the happiness and success for his life ahead... Here's a great big hug full of love one more time :)

You need:

vanilla sponge cake 1 -

for filling:
cream 250 ml
icing sugar 2 tbsp
strawberries 8 - 10 medium chopped 
sugar syrup/pineapple juice to soak

for topping:
strawberries 5
white chocolate 1 oz
sugar syrup/pineapple juice to soak
cream 250 ml
icing sugar 2 tbsp

first take the topping strawberries... wash them and cut four of them in half horizontally with the stem... 

place them on the parchment paper... but make sure they are dry

separately melt white chocolate, till you get smooth texture

make a cone with wax paper and fill it with melted chocolate...

drizzle melted chocolate on strawberries.... keep them in fridge to get settle

now start making filling... chop the head of strawberries

chop them coarsely...

and then cook them with sugar till water dries and u get thick kind of mixture... put it in fridge and chill

beat cream with icing sugar

till you get peaks

now take one part of sponge... wet it generously with sugar syrup

put the big dollop of whipped cream on it... spread a thick layer evenly 

put the chopped berry mixture over it... spread evenly

now put the other part on to... wet it too with sugar syrup

cover sides and top with whipped cream... keep it in fridge for 15 - 10 minutes to settle

now, put the chocolate drizzled strawberries on cake

put one sliced strawberry in the middle...

serve chilled

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