Sunday, May 21, 2017

Deep Cleaning you Fridge/Freezer 💙 | Getting Ready for Ramadan by morEwish 🕌

The best time to clean your fridge when its nearing empty, right before you go grocery shopping... I've been so busy lately, work, Youtube videos and kids end of school projects, that everything was piling up and since Ramadan are coming, I know I have to tackle this project, it was getting super grimy and disorganized


To start up my project I took out absolutely everything from the fridge, I remove everything I possibly can, all shelves and drawers. While I was taking out stuff and food which needs to be thrown away, I was doing it right away. We always have a leftover food day at least once a week, but still I have food which needs to be thrown away.

For wiping and sanitizing I made my homemade cleaner with 50/50 ratio of water and Vinegar.. I clean everything with this liquid and wipe out with paper towel.. for some stubborn stain sprinkle some baking soda and scrub in using sponge then wipe with water or with this water solution and polish out. I wipe down absolutely everything using same method

Time to put everything back on its place and time to organize... I saw people using table mat as a fridge liners and I  adore that idea to catch up any spills and for quick cleanup... Then load your food... including your grocery shopping purchase... and start organizing according to your
household needs, I am stocking up on chutneys and achars since Ramadan are coming... and daily
breakfast items will go back...

Video Tutorial:

So After Fridge, time to move on to my freezer compartment, almost followed the same procedure,
took out almost everything but for freezer i put the stuff right by the freezer on the floor, and starting working my way up little quicker.. I took out all plastic shelving I possibly can and washed
them outside in my driveway with soapy water

Then Start cleaning up with same vinegar water liquid... I have no idea how bottom of the freezer get those crumbs so the best way to clean thoese use hose extension on your vacuum its super fast.

so here's Before....

And here's After...

Its so freakingly satisfying to see clean fridge. You’ll save money because you won’t be re-buying
things you didn’t realize you had buried in the back of the fridge. Plus, your fridge will work more efficiently and be more cost-effective.
Most importantly, though, having a clean fridge will help keep your family healthy and safe!

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