Monday, May 21, 2012

Cake Pops / Truffle

very famous and yummy treat... so though to share my truffles too... i had my marble cake left over and some of my alsaka's ... i used that... but if you like these baby treats... you can bake new fresh cake for this recipe... 

cake scrapes or cake of any flavor 
frosting any flavor of your choice
cooking chocolate (dark and white)
sprinkles + colored sugar + desiccated coconut or nuts to decorate  

take the cake scrapes or fresh cake of your choice put it in a bowl

crumble it in a food processor or with your hand

add the frosting of your choice i used chocolate fudge

mix till you get a smooth dough kind mixture.

make balls with hand and put them in the fridge till they settle...

melt chocolate on double boiler

insert stick if you are making pops or insert tooth pick if you are serving in cup cake liner (like i did)

 dip in melted chocolate

and put in the mini cup cake liner

decorate them with your choice...  be creative 

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