Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sonth Bataashe

Its a very famous Snack in Dehli wala families.... use bataashe which is like thick papri... and add chick peas and sonth chutney and then some yogurt and yum yum.... I will suggest just give it a try one time... I bet you will definitely make more and more.... so without wasting time i'll go over recipe...

for bataashee (papri)

all purpose flour 1 cup
salt 1 tsp
ghee/clarified butter 2 - 3 tbsp
water for kneading

yogurt dip:

yogurt 1 cup
salt a pinch
sugar 2 tsp

Sonth (Tamarind & Dates Chutney)
for recipe ( )
chick peas
chat masala

For bataashe:
In a mixing bowl, add flour, salt and ghee... knead it with water ... and leave it for minimum 30 minutes

now, make ball, roll - shape doesn't matter but it would be around 1/8th inch thick

now cut circles from that... around 1 inch circle would be perfect...

prick it with fork

heat oil, and deep fry them till they get good brown color on both sides

put them on paper towel to absorb excess oil

for future use.... store them in air tight box or in zip lock bag.... and keep them in fridge

now make yogurt dip... mix yogurt with salt and sugar... and add water/milk to make a pour-able consistency

now, assembling... but please make sure you assemble when you are ready to serve

in serving plate, add bataashe,

add chick peas and boiled potatoes if you want

pour yogurt dip over it, and them sonth

sprinkle some chat masala and serve immediately... and enjoy :)

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